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London, with its 8 million plus inhabitants, is a superb place to run any kind of business event. It also has some of the best locations to hold those events, many with amazing views over the city.

  • The Shard A vertical city with everything you could possibly want.
  • Galvin @ Windows The London Hilton with amazing views of Hyde Park.

The Shard at night
One of the very best is The Shard, located above London Bridge station, which provides very easy access to guests, who may have travelled from all over the UK to get to your event.

Its often been described as a vertical city because everything you could want is inside: office space, meeting rooms, accommodation and places to eat / drink.

Shangri-La lobby
It also has the 5-Star Shangri-La hotel. The £600 per night cost is well worth it as the rooms are spacious and equipped with a king-sized double bed, large TV, table with various charging points, WiFi, shower, bath, heated toilet seat, large mirror (with embedded TV), twin sinks (him & her) and spectacular views over the city.

If your guests have come a long way, why not put them up in the hotel the night before. They can enjoy the restaurant, the Gong bar, the infinity pool and the gym. They will be fully refreshed and ready to enjoy your event.

The hotel has three event spaces: Ren Ballroom (140 guests), Li (private Event Space for 30 guests), Yi (30 guests) on Level 34.

Shangri-La Gong Bar
Left: The view from the Gong Bar on Level 52 is truly spectacular, especially with a bottle of Champagne, as its London's highest wine and cocktail bar. It features a DJ from Thursday to Saturday.

Galvin at Windows
Galvin at Windows is located on the 28th floor of the London Hilton with beautiful views of Hyde Park and the city. To get there, just go into the hotel entrance, walk towards the lifts and you will see some screens. Select floor 28 and wait for your lift to arrive.

When you get to level 28 you will be greeted by the receptionist. Turn left and you will be in the main bar area.

Views of Hyde Park
The bar has a nice quiet ambience, just right for business events like networking or meetings.

You can enjoy the views over Hyde Park and the Modern French haute cuisine and hand-picked wines. Small snacks are also provided on request.

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