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British Women Artists (BWA) was established in 2008 by JoWonder and Peter Blue, as a medium for women artists living and working in the UK to showcase their work. A rich vein of visual artists working in the UK whose work is dynamic, sincere, and full of meaning has been uncovered.

Rent-A-Crowd Detection

I was astonished to learn that you can actually rent crowds of people to do the following :- I decided to develop a service that could detect from news photos if anyone was using Rent-A-Crowds as this would be very useful for politicians.

Article from The Atlantic - The business of generating fake enthusiasm, from flash mobs to the campaign trail.

Astroturfing the practice of using money and outside support to create the illusion of grass-roots enthusiasm, are not unheard of in the political sphere.

→ Similar 'crowds-for-hire' companies have also sprung up internationally to create fake support for politicians, including a British company named Envisage Promotions.

Fun Radar

This is a simple tool to locate all the fun events in your area. It requires no sign-up or log-in, just use it.

When you are enjoying an event just click 'Having Fun'.If you want to see where all the fun is just click 'Seeking Fun'