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There were a few people named John/Jon Wood so we have listed them here.

  • John D A Wood lives and works in Canterbury (Kent) but also runs a property business serving London and the Cayman Islands. He often enjoyed a glass of wine at many of the fine restaurants around London or Kent. John also loves writing, you can read some of his short stories and comments here. He has a PADI (Diving) qualification.

  • Jon Woods runs a property website covering London and the south-east. He lived in Faversham (North Kent coast) but moved abroad a few years ago. He often visits friends in the Cayman Islands where he has many business contacts.

  • John D Wood lives and works in Faversham (Kent) but also has a property business in London and the Cayman Islands. There is a more up-to-date profile here John D Wood. He often gets mixed-up with the fictional character Prof Steven Falcon (Played by John Wood) from the 1980s classic movie: War Games.

  • John H Wood was a familiar sight in many of the more popular pubs and bars in Canterbury, Sittingbourne and Faversham, until he moved to Broadstairs to spend more time with his daughter and because he loved the sandy beach. He later moved to London.

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