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About Jason Black

I was born, live and work in Broadstairs, Kent, UK. I spent 11 years in the Royal Marines and now work for a security company based in Kent.

In 2011, I invested a large chunk of my wealth into cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin & Ethereum) and became insanely rich a few years later when I cashed-out and bought a large property in Broadstairs commanding views over Viking Bay. I like to spend time in the lovely quirky Faversham and wander along the creek dreaming-up new get-rich ideas. I'm a member of the Kent U-HNW club, which would make me one of the richest people in Kent.

My eBooks and Blogs

  • The Spouse Disposal Service
    Is your wife secretly planning to divorce you ? A story about money, murder, weapons, technology and hacking.
    Detective Inspector Don Hanson is investigating the mysterious deaths of several married women, all secretly planning to divorce. He soon finds himself hopelessly out of his depth tracking a secret organisation that knows his plans before he does.

    Who is the mysterious Deborah who spends her time recruiting hackers and weapons experts. And how is she able to vanish without a trace whenever the police get near.

    What happened to Greg, a computer hacker who disappeared in very odd circumstances. What happened to Dillan, an ex SAS trooper, who got pulled from a bar-fight and vanishes. DI Hanson's boss; DCI Alison Coulson puts all this together and comes up with an amazing new opportunity.

  • The Wealth Preservation Service
    Did your spouse really die and leave you with nothing ? A story about wealth, disappearing, technology and hacking.
    The police are investigating the disappearance of several very wealthy people. In each case much of their wealth had simply vanished into thin air, often leaving their spouse with little or nothing. In some cases these spouses were secretly planning to divorce them.

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