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Branding yourself is very important as it makes you stand out from the crowd. Personal branding keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, controls people's initial perception of you and creates a big impression on your clients.

Branding has certainly helped the owners of the logos at the bottom of the page. Here are a few reasons to brand yourself :-

  • Natural Leader - Establishing your own personal identity indicated to others that you are a natural leader.

  • It's easier to find you - A unique brand is easy to find on search engines and recognise.

  • Build Trust - You can engage with your clients a lot easier with a personal brand and it also helps build trust.

  • Become an Asset - A unique brand commands respect and would be a very good investment.

  • Have an unforgettable Face - When your brand successfully reaches out and influences potential clients when they start up their browser or need a specific project to be worked on, your brand is the first thing that enters their minds.

  • Domain Name - The worst thing to happen is if someone has taken it so it's a good idea to do this soon. If your name is Fred Blogs the best domain would be something like or Today web hosting is cheap and powerful with many offering as little as £5 per month.

  • Business Cards - These would be branded with your very own design. Obviously they would have your domain, mobile number and other contact details.

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