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The Golden Network (TGN) was formed in 2014 by French entrepreneur, Victoria Salem. By 2018 the elite network had over 600 members and hosts 2~3 events every month in central London's finest venues.

The members came from many professions including private banking, finance, law, consulting, investing, software, journalism and design.

Eight Members Club
They often held debates on many subjects including: Brexit (its effect on UK economy), Crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), global investment strategies and opportunities. The debates were often held at the Eight Members Club (Moorgate), or in conference rooms owned by TGN members. TGN also holds round-table events to discuss the hot issues of the day. Many events were business networking events or just parties.

TGN held it's events in London's best venues like the Eight Members Club in Moorgate. This is the conference room.

TGN's founder Victoria recently setup a coaching service to help her members make maximum use of their networking events.

TGN was closed in early 2020 due to COVID-19 lock-downs.

Below members were invited to the launch of a lovely new piano bar, and the launch of 100 Wardour Club.

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