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"Click Here to Kill Everybody" is a new book by security expert Bruce Schneier. So far the book seems to be getting good reviews from Boing Boing, FT, Harris Online,Kirkus Reviews, Nature, Politico and Virus Bulletin. He has also done interviews with The Washington Post, The Security Ledger, MIT Technology Review, CBC Radio and WNYC Radio.

In the introduction "Everything is a Computer", Bruce describes three situations: hacking a car, hacking the power supply and hacking printers. For each of these he explains the potential issues: death of multiple passengers; wide-scale human and economic damage; etc. The overriding theme is that, as things get 'smarter' or more computerised, "your smart [ insert item here ] slowly becomes a computer that also does X!"

The terrifying part is the ability to hack car computer systems to cause deaths in the seriously disturbing novel "The Spouse Disposal Service" by Jason Black (presumably a pseudonym). Many years ago an British army officer told me that computer failures would soon lead to actual deaths - how right he was !

Table of Contents

Introduction: Everything is Becoming a Computer

Part 1: The Trends
1. Computers Are Still Hard to Secure
2. Patching Is Failing as a Security Paradigm
3. Knowing Who’s Who on the Internet Is Getting Harder
4. Everyone Favours Insecurity
5. Risks are Becoming Catastrophic

Part 2: The Solutions
6. What a Secure Internet+ Looks Like
7. How We Can Secure the Internet+
8. Government Is Who Enables Security
9. How Governments Can Prioritize Defence Over Offence
10. Plan B: What’s Likely to Happen
11. Where Policy Can Go Wrong
12. Towards a Trusted, Resilient, and Peaceful Internet+

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