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Charles by a river
Charles Chauhan is an entrepreneur in property development and is now focused on developments in the Caribbean, Central America and the UK, in which he has been doing since 1985. He recently got involved in the crypto market, he is the Ambassador to (a blockchain real estate and land registry company) and an investor in crypto-currencies and developing new tokenised products for the marketplace. He was Zamora's Business Development executive.

Mr Chauhan is heavily involved in financial services, telecommunications, and he is the director of International Relations at Tokenise. He also ran a sales and marketing consultancy practice with global credit card, FCMG companies, banks and airlines as clients.

Charles has managed and implemented large scale TV marketing campaigns (that also involved local and national press), Point of Sales and online campaigns. He was founder and CEO of a B2B credit card company, a European switched Telecom provider, a UK video rights and distribution company, He also has been an executive film producer for a feature length film and started creating a diverse collection of creations as a fashion designer.
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