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With all the talk of the UK leaving the EU, I thought I would weigh-in.

  • The Good

    1. The UK's political and legal systems have been copied all over the world, so it's safe to say the UK knows how to run a country. Once you have established that, why do we need another, expensive layer of politicians ? who aren't accountable to the population.

    2. £350 million (actually it's closer to £250m) to spend on more useful things, including the NHS.

    3. Youth unemployment is far worse in the EU than the UK. If we stay in the EU their policies will make ours worse still. Source 1

    4. The EU wants to remove all forms of national identity. French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc all merged in to one.

    5. Many in finance think Brexit is a good thing: Casting off the EU millstone.

    6. Many organisations have included Brexit in their consulting topics which should help many companies navigate the uncertainty of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

    7. "Project Fear" will be disproved : Nissan moves production to Sunderland (UK) from Barcelona (EU), Unilever to relocate to London.

  • The Bad

    1. Easier travel between member countries will be a bit harder if/when we leave.

    2. Many international contracts / arrangements will have to be re-written / negotiated.

  • The Ugly

    1. Anything bad will be blamed on Brexit, regardless if it's to blame or not.

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