Dinner by the sea
That first date is important because first impressions count, but what sort of date ? coffee, drinks, a full-blown candle lit dinner in a posh restaurant, or perhaps something a little more exciting like Invent your own liquid nitrogen ice cream, cycle around the city or even parachuting.

What about personal safety (yours and theirs) ? This article will try to answer these questions.

There are many organisations that help plan that special date

First you must consider what type of date you want to take your potential new partner on:-

  • Coffee

    • Pro Inexpensive, easy to set-up, You've lost little if it doesn't work out, should be quite safe.
    • Con They might think you are cheap, they might not like coffee or tea, considered too boring.

  • Drinks at a bar or pub

    • Pro Not too expensive
    • Con Could be noisy, too many distractions, tiny risk of a bar-fight, small risk of date-drugs, considered boring.

  • Candle lit dinner

    • Pro Normally quite so you both can chat,
    • Con Expensive, could be considered as too boring / normal.

  • Fun activity This could cover things like rock climbing, jet skiing, bike ride, parachuting, shooting (inc clay pigeon), DJ lessons, Cocktail mixing master-class, star-gazing.

    • Pro Exciting, you would be seen as unusual.
    • Con Probably expensive, they might be too scared, they might get hurt.

Below is a list of the best places in the city of your choice :-

  • London 'The Big Smoke' has some of the finest restaurants in the country, it also has many museums and other attractions.

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