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London London is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, media, consulting, professional services, research and development, tourism and transportation

Kent Kent is known as The Garden of England and has inspired many writers of old including: Charles Dickens and Chaucer.

The Russian Ball
The Russian Ball The Russian Ball is held every November at the Grosvenor House Hotel

Science Science is the art of gaining knowledge through the study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation. Some of the great related magazines.

Art The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

UK Ballrooms Ballrooms in the UK, but mainly in or around London. Going to a ball isn't just about dancing, it's one of the best places to network and find new friends and business partners

Fit Partners The Best Partners are Fit Partners. Couples who sweat together really do stay together. Health - wellness - fitness

Best Place for a Date What is the best place for a date. Coffee house, pub, bar, club, posh restaurant, or you could stand out from the boring crowd by taking them parachuting or rock climbing !

Billionaires Billionaires are people with at least 1,000,000,000 in dollars, Pounds, Euros or any other currency. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates

Brexit, Good, Bad & Ugly Brexit, The good, the bad and the ugly. Why do we need another, expensive layer of politicians ? who aren't accountable to the population.

Business An organisation where people work together is called a business and people work to make and sell products or services, normally in teams.

Why going cash-free is a terrible idea Why going cash-free is a terrible idea. What happens when your bank's IT system goes down

Celebrity A celebrity is someone who is famous, especially in areas of entertainment such as movies, music, writing or sports, but also in finance, investment or even dot-con start-ups

Charles Chauhan Charles Chauhan - Director of International Relations at Tokenise

Click Here to Kill Click Here to Kill Everybody - Bruce Schneier. Security & survival in a hyper-connected world. Everything is a Computer, Bruce describes 3 situations: hacking a car, hacking the power supply & hacking printers. For each of these he explains the potential issues: death of multiple passengers; wide-scale human and economic damage; etc. As things get 'smarter' or more computerised, "your smart [ insert item here ] becomes a computer that also does X!"

Consulting Consulting is the act of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field, usually for a fee.

Events Events are one of the best ways to meet new friends and potential customers, and London with 8 million inhabitants is one of the best places to hold events.

Exclusive London Most exclusive & expensive areas in London. The traditional old-money elite are being pushed out of London by an influx of Ultra High Net Worth individuals

Falcon - Bird, Bank, Rocket or Anti-Fraud system Falcon - Bird of Prey, SpaceX Rocket Engine, Private Bank in Switzerland or Anti-Fraud system software

Access to Funding Quick access to Funding is vital if your business is going to grow and have some chance of beating your competitors.

Golden Network The Golden Network (TGN) was formed in 2014 by French entrepreneur, Victoria Salem. By 2018 the elite network had over 600 members and hosted 2~3 events every month in central London's finest venues.

Personal Brand ? Why develop a Personal Brand. People who create personal identites.

Jason Black Jason Black: Writer, cryptocurrency investor and all-round bad guy. Based in Broadstairs, Faversham and sometimes Belize.

John D Wood John D Wood lived in Kent and the Cayman Islands. Another John Wood played a major part in the movie War Games

John Wood John Wood lived in Kent and the Cayman Islands. Another John Wood played a major part in the movie War Games

How to get less spam How to get less spam. Daddy, why did they name their canned meat after unwanted emails ?

Looking back from 2057 Well, its been an exciting century for me starting with the launch of the Russian satellite, Sputnik in 1957 and ending with the first space elevator on my 100th birthday in 2057. Its also been a sad and depressing time too with various wars and conflicts but it all worked out for us all in the end.

Music The purpose of music is to express and modulate emotions. It is used to soothe, psych up, woo, enrage, sadden and cheer. General definitions of music include pitch, rhythm (tempo, meter & articulation), dynamics, and sonic qualities.

People People like John D Wood, Jason Black, Charles Chauhan and Peter Blue

Peter Blue Peter JS Blue. Software developer, investor, business networker. Saw active service in Northern Ireland and the Gulf War

Peter JSB Peter JSB

Politics Politics

Real Estate Real estate or Property can consist of houses, bungalows, maisonettes, flats, apartments, studio-flats and even castles

Riches To Rags Riches To Rags - how many super-rich celebrities became super-poor - or in other words: What not to do !

StarWars - The Correct Sequence The Correct Sequence to watch the Star Wars movies

Technology Technology

Travel Travel around Kent

Tripwire Tripwire is an experiment research project (by XR1 - Experimental Research) to see if it is possible to know who is searching for who

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